PHPStan development sponsored by Esteemed!

I am excited to announce my latest live stream sponsor — Esteemed! Esteemed is an AI-powered talent management and career solutions provider for digital professionals (founded by a bunch of Drupal folk and has a large Drupal talent pool network!)

In September, they reached out to inquire about my sponsored live streams and were curious about what we could work together on. Currently, I am sponsored by to work on drupal-rector, phpstan-drupal, and the Upgrade Status modules. These are all tools used as part of the Drupal major version upgrade process for finding compatibility issues and even automating their fixes. These tools are all based on the power of PHPStan.

What is Esteemed sponsoring work on?

And they loved it! For the next eight weeks, on Thursdays at 2 PM CDT, I will be live on my Twitch channel working on PHPStan issues for detecting PHP 8 compatibility.

Success after Day One!

I started working on supporting deprecation reporting for internal/native PHP functions over the summer but ran out of time. Thanks to the sponsorship from Esteemed, I was able to get that mostly wrapped up on our first stream!

NativeFunctionReflection does not allow identifying core functions as being deprecated · Issue #5373 · phpstan/phpstan

Bug report While working on #5368, I realized that deprecated core functions were not being flagged, like create_function which was deprecated in 7.2 and removed 8.0. However, NativeFunctionReflect…

The software development release cycle has been speeding up over the past few years. This improvement will make it easier to keep Drupal up to date with changes in PHP as we have new major versions released.

There is one pending PR on the BetterReflections library used, and then a few adjustments need to be made to PHPStan. I imagine this feature being tidied up on next week’s live stream and then released shortly after!

Curious about Esteemed?

You can join the community with this invite link:…

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