My live stream setup for Twitch

As a follow-up to my previous post about using live development streams as a way to fund my open source development time, I wanted to share my setup. A huge disclaimer. I am, unfortunately, the kind of person who gets stuff like this to 80%-90% and then says “good enough, I’ll tweak it later” and I never do, because it works good enough.

Open Broadcaster Software — OBS

OBS Studio is the standard software used by most live streamers. It’s also open source! You can find the repo on GitHub at obsproject/obs-studio. I have been using OBS for years, since 2013 or 2014, to do all of my screen recordings. It doesn’t have a lot of the fancy transitions and highlighting effects some newer tools do, but back then it was the best free offering that let me do a screen capture with a picture in picture or different screens.

My sources

Before I started live streaming I spent a stupid amount of time reading up on how other people had it set up.

1, 2, 3, Live!

My going live process is pretty simple. About twenty or fifteen minutes before my stream I’ll give the computer a reboot (if I’m actually on time.) I run upstairs and make myself a coffee. Pending any upstairs disruptions (wife, two-year-old, dogs), I’ll get downstairs in time to have PhpStorm opened, Docker running, and my browser set to pages I’ll know I will need.

Stream scenes

When I first started I wanted some artwork for a Starting and Ending. Also some basic banner artwork. I hopped on Fiverr and paid for my current graphics from prlllnce. I wanted to have something I could use instead of generic text, and I am not a creative person or designer.

  • Self: no desktop, full webcam on the screen)
  • Desktop: main scene, has my webcam in bottom right, Twitch chat, widgets and such
  • Ending: ending title
  • Desktop (No Chat): I had this in OBS when I started with YouTube but wanted to also record stuff off line. OBS supports profiles, so I in reality I didn’t need this, I just needed a “Recording” and “Live” profile.

My gear

Heads up. I am going to provide links to the manufacturer websites for all items, but I am also providing Amazon affiliate links below when linking to products.

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