How live streaming has funded my open source contributions this year

Earlier this year, in early March, I started doing live development on my Twitch channel. I wanted to try a different way to maintain my own projects and contribute to others. I also wanted to explore live development streams to fund my open source contribution time while giving a way to provide a return on investment for any sponsorships.

Earning revenue as a Twitch Affiliate

Let’s take a look at my Twitch revenue since I started. You get a payout at a minimum of $100.

$42.90 over 95 hours and 30 minutes. That’s about $0.45 an hour. Not bad, right? 🤣. Actually, I think this is pretty darn great, considering I started this only 6 months ago and stream about 4 hours a week.

But that’s not the entire picture.

(Eventually) Earning revenue from YouTube

I have 233 subscribers out of the required 1,000. And 546 public watch hours out of the 4,000 needed. Yeah, YouTube will definitely be a while.

Earning revenue by hosting sponsored development streams

I make sure to start each of those sponsored streams with a sponsor message and notice their current job openings. My work on drupal-rector also earns the organization issue credits on (This is a bit harder on phpstan-drupal and drupal-check, which have code and issues managed on GitHub.)

These sponsorships have allowed me to steadily host a Wednesday stream that works on the tooling, which supports the major version upgrade process for Drupal. Check out my last blog post to learn more: phpstan-drupal, drupal-check, drupal-rector, upgrade_status — OH MY 🚀

Mission success?

I would love to find ways to branch out, like working on Drupal core (JSON:API, performance) and other contributed modules. But right now, I am super happy knowing that we will have stable tooling as we march toward Drupal 10.

Are you interested in sponsored development streams?

Follow my channel to know when I go live!

mglaman — Twitch

I’m an open source developer hacking on Drupal, fiddling with PHP, JavaScript, and more! Using live streaming as a way to contribute to projects and hang out.



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Matt Glaman

Matt Glaman


Open source developer, working with Drupal and building Drupal Commerce.