ContribKanban v3, 2020 update

Every year I dedicate a block of time to provide new features and improve ContribKanban, beyond regular maintenance to keep dependencies up to date. This year brings some significant changes, which I am excited about!

I would like first to give a shout out to AmyJune Hineline (volkswagenchick). She has been working with Drupal events to have a Contribution Day sponsorship option. Part of that sponsorship revenue goes to projects like and ContribKanban to sustain their development. In the last six months, this has helped secure $600 in contributions (~$576 after fees) through the project’s OpenCollective. 🙏I am grateful for her efforts. I plan on writing a follow up about ContribKanban, OpenCollective, and the Contribution Sponsor Day effort following this blog.

Before getting into what is new, I wanted to cover the evolution of ContribKanban throughout the years

A brief history

Moving over to Drupal worked out great, as I was able to create more customizable boards and the concept of issue collection boards. However, I did find progressive decoupling to become more of a hindrance than a benefit.

In 2019, offered to host ContribKanban which made it much easier to maintain, instead of running my own DigitalOcean VM. It also opened the door to making ContribKanban a fully decoupled application, since it lowered the level of effort for the build and deploy process.

Going fully decoupled in 2020

How going fully decoupled is streamlining the development process

This also leads to custom tooling for your client application. I had to write a custom Webpack configuration to build my React components and provide an entrypoint that performed various checks for what elements were available to mount components on.

Controlling the design of the application is also a bigger pain. Parts of ContribKanban are rendered through Drupal and Twig while others are built with JavaScript.

With a fully decoupled application concerns are completely separated and I can leverage existing tooling, such as create-react-app for building a single page application.

API-First Drupal

ContribKanban leverages JSON:API and OAuth. This is possible thanks to the JSON:API and Simple OAuth module, with almost no extra effort!

I am leveraging Search API for board listings, thanks to the work we have done at Centarro by creating the JSON:API Search API module.

Improved experiences

The ability to find existing boards has been improved. The search now works (😅whoops on that one)

One problem has been creating boards. ContribKanban makes it simple to add a project or issue tag as a board, but it has not been intuitive. There is now a page for creating boards with guided user experiences. I really hope this change helps contribution sprint organizers, like AmyJune Hineline (volkswagenchick).

When you click the create button, a dialog opens with instructions.

Boards have received a refresh as well, I can’t wait to find ways to improve the functionality here.

One of my favorite features, issue collection boards, has gotten an improved edit form. There is a lot to be done, but you now see the issue title for issue IDs in your collection.

Check out the new ContribKanban

You can check out the new frontend application at

I want to work out some of the kinks and maybe new features before making it the default interface for ContribKanban

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