A year of something new and now for something different

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A year of something new

In many ways, my goals with Bluehorn Digital have succeeded in just one year.

  • Bluehorn contributed $224 a month in sponsorships to 12 open source projects and maintainers. $100 of which is to Kristen Pol in support of her Bug Smash and other Drupal core efforts. See the complete list here: https://github.com/orgs/bluehorndigital/sponsoring.
  • Ktown Connects, a podcast that celebrates Kenosha, WI, launched right when I started Bluehorn Digital. I instantly sponsored the podcast and have renewed my sponsorship. That initial sponsorship allowed them to keep on going, and they’ve covered some incredible stories.
  • Bluehorn has been a helpful resource for some local businesses trying to navigate the wild world of e-commerce as a small business.
  • You only get about 4–5 hours of genuinely productive billable work in a day. If you work an eight-hour workday, you have about an hour of breaks and then you have unbillable interruptions throughout the day.
  • I’m not too fond of professional services. At Centarro, we did professional services work, but it was very product-centric. And a good chunk of my time was product-based with building Commerce Core. My job before that was at a product company. Only my first year and a half as a developer was purely delivering professional service work.
  • I felt more stressed. I increased my salary, but my liability also increased. I needed to perform more context switching to fulfill hours in a day since I could quickly become blocked in a few projects during a single day. These projects cut across different clients, with different stacks and tooling.
  • Being self-employed and taking a vacation is hard — especially if you’re freelancing. So kudos to those who do this. Maybe our dollar doesn’t go as far because we have three kids, but I couldn’t see it happening.

Now for something different

I decided that I do not want to push the pedal to the metal with Bluehorn Digital. It was a hard decision, but the one I came to. I tried to find a software engineering role in a product-based environment. The comforts of employer benefits around insurance and retirement were enticing bonuses. I have only had employer benefits for maybe a total of 3 years over my adult (15 years) working life. So these things sound amazing and a source of stress relief.

But, what about…

I don’t know for sure, but I am assuming some folks may wonder what this means for phpstan-drupal and drupal-check.




Open source developer, working with Drupal and building Drupal Commerce.

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Matt Glaman

Matt Glaman

Open source developer, working with Drupal and building Drupal Commerce.

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